Her Last Hour by B.R. Spangler

Another wonderful installment in the Detective Casey White series!  I'm always excited to see where the series is going next.

My Thoughts:

In book 11, the series picks up shortly after the events of Our Sister's Grave. On the personal side, Casey and Jericho are pursuing the adoption of Thomas and Tabitha, the two children found in Two Little Souls. On the law enforcement side, Casey is in pursuit of a new killer. After Ruby Jenkins is abducted, Casey receives a strange note, written in blood, and telling her she has 24 hours to find Ruby. But when Ruby's body is found, Casey's missing person investigation becomes a murder one, complicated by another criminal she caught years ago stating he knows who the killer is. With another victim on the line, Casey and her team are in a raise against time to find out who is really the killer.

I am still loving the Detective Casey White series. B.R. Spangler has stayed true to his original books and character development, and the series is just as enjoyable as the early books. Once again, he crafts an interesting mystery, tying in past cases as well as illuminating more of Casey's past, including her early years as a detective in Philadelphia and the abduction of her own daughter 20-ish years ago. Each novel brings a little more of Casey's story to the forefront, along with providing an intriguing case that Casey must solve.

About Her Last Hour:

When Ruby Evans is abducted on her way home from volunteering at a nursing home in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Detective Casey White’s heart breaks for the inconsolable mother. Terrible memories flood back of when her own darling daughter was taken twenty years ago. Pushing her own pain aside, Casey vows to find Ruby and bring her home.

After desperately searching the road where Ruby was last seen, Casey receives a letter from someone claiming to be the kidnapper. In cursive red letters, she is warned that she has less than twenty-four hours to find Ruby alive. And when forensics reveal the letter was written in blood, Casey knows this isn’t a hoax.

Working around the clock, Casey is devastated when her team hit another dead end, and she’s shattered when Ruby’s body is discovered buried on the beach—she’s too late.

Now looking for a twisted killer, Casey is shocked when she receives a call from an evil predator she put behind bars ten years ago. He says he knows who the killer is, and will help Casey in exchange for his freedom. Casey refuses, but when she receives another letter, she is forced to reconsider. Because the killer promises the next victim will be someone much closer to her, and the clock is ticking.

With only hours left, Casey has to decide if she’s prepared to free one evil monster to catch another, and if she doesn’t, will her loved ones pay the ultimate price?

Author Biography:

B.R. Spangler is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Mysteries and Crime Thrillers. 

A resident of Virginia with a wonderful family, including five cats, two birds and a lizard. During the day, the hours are filled with engineering work. Off hours, time is spent writing, editing, and thinking up the next great story. 

With too many stories to write, books are split across pen names, writing crime thrillers, science fiction, horrors, paranormal and contemporary fiction. 

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