The Windsor Conspiracy by Georgie Blalock

I received an email that The Windsor Conspiracy was available and as a prior fan of Blalock's novels, would I like to read it? Of course I would!

My Thoughts:

Told through the eyes of her private secretary, The Windsor Conspiracy focuses on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, their desperate attempts to regain the throne and the HRH title they believe is being withheld from Wallis, and their ties to Nazi Germany.

Amelia is Wallis' cousin, now widowed and destitute, disowned by her own family after marrying the wrong man. With obvious sympathies from Wallis, she is hired on as a personal secretary to the Duchess, bringing her into a world different than her own. As she makes connections with other Americans in Paris, the Duke and Duchess' actions become suspect as Nazi sympathizers amongst their questionable circle of friends. Amelia is left to join forces with the Allies to watch the Duke and Duchess from the inside.

I'm rather obsessed with most books on the Royal Family and this was one no different. I can still remember both my grandmothers' (one American, one Scottish) distaste for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and what they had chosen to do. This was long before the suspected Nazi ties were more publicly know. While this is a work of fiction, Blalock has done her research into the couple and crafted a highly believable story based on what is already known. David comes across as the spoiled pompous playboy and Wallis the bitter social climber. Amelia, the fictional heroine, is much more sympathetic and the reader will find themselves on her side, wishing for a more satisfying end to the Duke and Duchess.

About The Windsor Conspiracy:

American Amelia Montague defied her family five years ago to marry the man she loved, but that decision cost her everything. Disowned by her family, and left a penniless widow after her husband’s death, Amelia becomes her cousin Wallis Simpson’s private secretary in France. With no other prospects available, Amelia has no choice but to succeed, and under their Aunt Bessie’s direction, hopes to have a positive influence on Wallis and the Duke of Windsor.

During the next two years, Amelia realizes that not everything with the Windsors is glittering happiness. Beneath the fa├žade of the besotted couple simmers Wallis’s rage at her stunted ambition, and the couple soon reveal themselves to be self-centered Nazi supporters who pursue their own interests at any cost.

When the Germans invade France, and the Windsors leave Amelia to escape the Gestapo on her own, Amelia finds herself in position to work for the most unlikely of employers: MI5 and the FBI. Convinced to work undercover, Amelia joins the Windsors in Nassau and soon realizes that Wallis’s treachery extends far deeper than the US and British government even knows…

Preorder The Windsor Conspiracy on Amazon.  The novel releases on July 16, 2024.