The Other Princess by Denny S. Bryce

I finally noticed this book tucked on my Kindle and realized in my haste that I had forgotten about it a few months ago. I am *so* glad I finally saw it because it was such a compelling read.

My Thoughts:

Based on the true story of Sarah, the goddaughter of Queen Victoria, the novel begins with childhood Sarah, then Aina, the daughter of an African king. Following war, she finds herself in a slave camp, worried about being sold to traders who will take her across the Atlantic.. Discovered by a British explorer, the marks on her face indicate her status as royalty and change the course of her life. She is rescued from the camp, brought to England as a "gift" to Queen Victoria, and becomes a part of noble households and education. All the while, Sarah utilizes her intelligence to thrive, while searching for a real place to call home.

This was a two night read for me, mostly because I really really had to sleep the first night. Had I not had work in the morning, I very likely would have stayed up to finish it, it was that enjoyable! Bryce does a wonderful job with the story, from Aina's tragic beginnings to her rescue to becoming Sarah. Her determination and intelligence keeps her focused on her. new life and helps her to strive for more. I especially loved reading about their experiences within the Victorian court and her friendships with the British princesses.

About The Other Princess:

With a brilliant mind and a fierce will to survive, Sarah Forbes Bonetta, a kidnapped African princess, is rescued from enslavement at seven years old and presented to Queen Victoria as a “gift.” To the Queen, the girl is an exotic trophy to be trotted out for the entertainment of the royal court and to showcase Victoria’s magnanimity. Sarah charms most of the people she meets, even those who would cast her aside. Her keen intelligence and her aptitude for languages and musical composition helps Sarah navigate the Victorian era as an outsider given insider privileges.

But embedded in Sarah’s past is her destiny. Haunted by visions of destruction and decapitations, she desperately seeks a place, a home she will never run from, never fear, a refuge from nightmares and memories of death.

From West Africa to Windsor Castle to Sierra Leone, to St. James's Palace, and the Lagos Colony, Sarah juggles the power and pitfalls of a royal upbringing as she battles racism and systematic oppression on her way to living a life worthy of a Yoruba princess.

Based on the real life of Queen Victoria’s Black goddaughter, Sarah Forbes Bonetta’s story is a sweeping saga of an African princess in Victorian England and West Africa, as she searches for a home, family, love, and identity.

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