2024 Goals and Challenges

 Happy New Year!

Every New Year's Day, I share my stats and previous year's top reads on Facebook, along with setting goals for the next year of reads.

This past year's challenge was a little disappointing.  I had hoped to read 100 books, but going back to work in the fall meant much less time.  I did end up with 86, but front loaded before the school year started and including some of the books I read with my students.  I had to reevaluate that goal in September to a more manageable 80.

This year, I reset my goal back to 100.  A few different things have happened and I think it should be more doable again.

I ended up forgetting about my 12 books from 12 friends challenge, only reading two of them.  I'd like to go back and finish more of those this year.

I also want to do more book blogging and more bookstagramming.  For similar reasons, I had better and worse rounds of both last year and I'd like to be more consistent in both.

Finally, I joined an interesting challenge on Bookstagram as well, a To-Be-Read challenge to go through some of the backlog of books readers always have.   I'd love to finish some of the many books I've been wanting to read.

So here's to a bookish 2024!  Life is always better with books.