The Forgotten Bookshop in Paris by Daisy Wood

The best part about Christmas break is definitely the time for reading! Ijust finished The Forgotten Bookshop in Paris by Daisy Wood and loved it. I haven't read two books in a week since the school year started and starting to feel quite accomplished.

About The Forgotten Bookshop in Paris:

Paris, 1940: War is closing in on the city of love. With his wife forced into hiding, Jacques must stand by and watch as the Nazis take away everything he holds dear. Everything except his last beacon of hope: his beloved bookshop, La Page Cachée.

But when a young woman and her child knock on his door one night and beg for refuge, he knows his only option is to risk it all once more to save a life…

Modern day: Juliette and her husband have finally made it to France on the romantic getaway of her dreams – but as the days pass, all she discovers is quite how far they’ve grown apart. She’s craving a new adventure, so when she happens across a tiny, abandoned shop with a for-sale sign in the window, it feels fated.

And she’s about to learn that the forgotten bookshop hides a lot more than meets the eye…

My Thoughts:

This dual timeline novel features Jacques and Mathilde, living in occupied Paris during WW2 and running a bookshop as the war rages around them, and contemporary Juliette, in Paris after marital problems and tracing down the history of a painting her French grandmother had hanging in her home. 

I absolutely loved how the timelines crossed, how the bookshop is the common thread tying the two stories together, as well as the story of Jacques and Mathilde. I do enjoy a take on how ordinary people were able to resist and assist during the war.  I also loved how Juliette was able to discover her past, including the secrets in the bookshop she has decided must be reopened.

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