An Acquired Taste by Kelly Cain

Just what I needed for one of my vacation reads!  

Two days after the semester ended, we flew out to Park City, Utah for a family ski trip.  I had forgotten to download my audiobook, but thankfully, I always have multiple books on my Kindle and the cover of An Acquired Taste caught my eye.

About An Acquired Taste:

After four years at the country’s top culinary school and several years as head chef in her mother’s restaurant, Rowan Townsend has built a notable reputation. Her farm-to-table collard greens have long been bringing everyone to the yard, but limits on the restaurant’s size have led to long waits. Looking to expand the restaurant, she enters a televised chef competition. The problem? Her infuriatingly-talented nemesis from culinary school also enters.

To the culinary world, Knox Everheart is restaurant royalty. As much as Rowan wants to deny it, he’s a gifted chef. Rowan knows her arrogant arch-nemesis is confident he’ll win—he’s certainly given her a run for her money more times than she’d like to admit. But this time, she’s ready to show him who's boss.

Their rivalry soon sparks fireworks in the kitchen and, as the competition heats up, so does Rowan’s attraction to Knox. And somewhere between pasta and gumbo, they both need to decide what’s worth fighting for.

My Thoughts:

An Acquired Taste by Kelly Cain (@kellycainauthor)is rom-com meets the Food Network, as Rowan and Knox, enemies since culinary school, compete on a television show to win the restaurant of their dreams. But does familiarity breed contempt or is there a spark they didn’t know existed? 

Cain does a great job with the backgrounds of Rowan and Knox, including their connections throughout the years, as they battle for the chance to win their restaurant.  She really makes the enemies-to-lovers concept work, as both characters win the readers' hearts with their own struggles.

After a long semester, this was the perfect holiday read for apr├Ęs ski—fun, not too serious, and a cute story. My 21 year old is reading it next as she has a serious love of both the rom-com and cooking shows.

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