October Reading Round Up

I've been super busy at work which left me with very little free time this month.  

My husband's and my holiday weekends did not line up, so we didn't get a chance to travel for my birthday, which is one way I can guarantee I get extra reads.  Instead, I managed a total of 4 books.

So what did I read in October?

Stolen Darlings by Helen Phifer - This was a book review earlier in the month.  Check it out here!

Dreaming in English by Laura Fitzgerald - This novel follows a young Iranian woman who has traveled to America in the hopes of finding a marriage that will allow her to leave Iran forever.  But after quickly marrying her American boyfriend for love, her immigration options become much more complex.

Enemies in the Orchard by Dana VanderLugt - Also a book review, find it here!

23 1/2 Lies by James Patterson - A new Women's Murder Club story always makes me happy, and this one is contained in a book of three novellas from three different Patterson series.

October was a bit of a disappointment in terms of reading goals.  I'm feeling like I'm going to need to reevaluate the 100 books for the year goal in light of work demands.