February Reading Round Up

February was a slower month for me for reading.  I ended up working more days than expected, then using my off time for skiing. I didn't quite hit my 10 books per month goal, but it's not like I'll be teaching in the summer, so I can always catch up then.

Despite blogging The Resting Place by B.R. Spangler in February, I actually read it back in January. My book tour date was for February. 

So what else did I read in February?  

Treasure State by CJ Box - I loved this series since I saw the preview for "Big Sky".  While the show was OK, I lost interest fairly early on since I decided to read the books too.  I'm so happy Cassie is back and when the library hold came in, I dropped everything else to read it.

We Were Kings by Court Stevens - My first audiobook of the year!  I only listen to a few in any given year because it takes me FOREVER and I always feel like I can read to myself more quickly.  I did have to bump the speech to 1.6-1.75 so I could handle it.

The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin - This wasn't one of my 12 picks by 12 friends, but one of my pickers recommended this for another mutual friend and it caught my eye too.

Mary Jane by Jessica Anya Blau - I took this from the library back in the summer, but had too big a stack and ended up returning it.  It popped up on my Kindle as a suggestion, so I took that as a hint.

The Crying House by B.R. Spangler - Continuing with my needing to read all the Detective Casey White books I missed, this was book 4 in the series.

The Memory Bones by B.R. Spangler - The last missing book (for me) in the Detective Casey White series, this one is actually book 5.  I had started the series on book 6, so I am now officially caught up.

So, this month included five book books, one audiobook, a continuation of a favorite series that I dropped everything to read, two more from Kindle Unlimited to continue a series I'm enjoying, and a couple extras. Not bad for a rougher month.