2023 Goals and Challenges

Happy New Year!

Every New Year's Day, I share my stats and previous year's top reads on Facebook, along with setting goals for the next year of reads.

This year, I decided to add a few ideas to my challenge, considering 100 books a year is my typical goal most Januaries.  I wanted some more challenges, but so many challenges involve too many prompts.  Even with 100 reads, I do not want half of those tied up with prompts or alphabet letters or "try a new type of book" challenges.  There's already not enough time to read everything I want to.

Then, I saw an incredible book challenge idea where you ask for twelve suggestions from the first twelve friends who respond to you.  Now that's only one prompted book per month, so I was totally on board.  And I made the graphic for it because that was a lot of fun.

This year, my other goals are to add in some more audiobooks, since my husband bought me great bluetooth over the ear headphones for Christmas.  I can't wear earbuds and I think this should help with my audio book plan.

I also want to do our online USO book club again, but I'd love to find a local book club.  My plan is to browse via the local libraries and Facebook to see if I can find one.  

Finally, I really want to start doing more bookstagramming and book blogging, but maybe more than just reviews.  I'm always writing lists, recommendations, and compiling ideas for friends, our homeschooling group, etc, so considering turning those into posts.

364 days to see how well these all turn out!