Dearest Josephine by Caroline George

I adore epistolary novels. There is something just perfect about the letter or diary style that just draws me in, but they aren't always the easiest to find.  Dearest Josephine was the perfect option for that category, along with an amazing dual timeline story.

Contemporary Josie DeClare is at loose ends.  She lost her father, broke up with her latest boyfriend, reconciled with her best friend, and inherited an odd old estate in rural England, filled with interesting items, including a series of old letters, addressed to her?

1820s Elias Rock feels that he has found the love of his life, Josephine DeClare, despite only meeting her for a few hours.  He begins writing a series of letters to her, along with a novel, in the hopes of one day finding her again.

When Elias's letters from the past end up in modern day Josie's hands, she begins to wonder who the mystery girl really is.

This is definitely a fun read.  The text features Josie's emails and texts to her mom, friends, and ex, along with letters from Elias to Josephine, and a draft of his novel about their imaginary story.  Once you follow the pattern of who is writing, the story is delightful, one keeps trying to figure out the true story of Elias and Josephine, and where today's Josie might fit into it all.