Once Upon a Wardrobe by Patti Callahan

A random book survey alerted me to this title. The questions were more about the cover appearance, but going through them, I realized that I needed to read the book, regardless of what the cover was.  How can you go wrong with something C.S. Lewis inspired?

In Once Upon a Wardrobe, Megs is a college student at one of the Oxford colleges in 1950, studying mathematics.  Her younger brother, George, is dying from heart issues and implores Meg to find out where the Narnia stories came from, as C.S. Lewis is a professor at the school and George is desperate to know the answers.  Out of love for her brother, Meg introduces herself to Lewis and strikes up a friendship with him. Lewis begins telling her stories from his life to share with George as they start to discover where Narnia might have began.

I absolutely loved the novel.  It is well researched and the stories Lewis tells Megs really give insight into Narnia without necessarily saying Narnia came from XYZ.  Bits and pieces of the series emerge in each story he tells and I found myself just waiting for Megs' next visit to Lewis for the next installment of his narrative.  I'm planning on adding Becoming Mrs. Lewis by the same author to my to-read list.