Girl in Ice by Erica Ferencik

I got a book mail surprise awhile back, no idea why, but book mail is always happy mail. This time was an advance copy of Girl in Ice by Erica Ferencik which I hadn't heard of before it popped up in my mailbox.

In Girl in Ice, Val is a linguist specializing in obscure Nordic languages, but has spent her career quietly as a researcher.  Her twin brother, Andy, was the adventurous one, but committed suicide while researching in the Arctic.  His research partner reaches out to Val one day--a young girl was found frozen in the northern ice and thawed out alive, speaking a language no one can quite understand.  He asks her to come to the Arctic to help him discover what the girl's story is, which takes Val to the site of her twin's demise and into the mystery of his death.

Girl in Ice isn't a book I would have necessarily picked up on my own (I tend to historical fiction and more traditional crime mysteries), but I ended up really enjoying it.  The insights into various linguistics definitely caught my attention along with the descriptions of the polar north.  The "What If" premise of the book was definitely intriguing and had me wondering what all could be possible with what our current science does and does not know.