The Vanishing Type by Ellery Adams

What's not to like about the latest installment of Ellery Adam's Secret, Book, & Scone Society? 

The first four books in the series introduced well written characters along with a lovely town and strong friendships.  Book 5, The Vanishing Type, continues the series, centered around Nora's bookstore.

Nora and her friends are back in Miracle Springs as Valentine's Day is approaching. Nora's relationship with the sheriff is in its beginning stages and her friend, Hester, is about to receive a proposal. But things are not always what they seem. Nora finds Hester's name slashed out of the covers of copies of the Scarlet Letter in her bookstore, rare books are being randomly found, and a dead body is discovered. Only Nora and a couple of friends know Hester's big secret, that she gave up a child for adoption as a teen, but the connections to Hester's past lead them to investigate.

I really love this series and was quite excited to grab an ARC of the latest one.  I started it one evening early because I knew in advance that it was going be a one night, straight through read.  I just can't seem to put Adams' books down once I start them.  The mystery is perfect and really elaborates more on Hester's past experiences and what brought her to Miracle Springs itself.