The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Headed back over to my massive to-read list for The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.  One of my reading goals this year is to go back through my Goodreads To-Read list and try to add some of those into my mix.  Another one is to go through the stacks of books at home, but one thing at a time.

In The Midnight Library, Nora lives a simple, mundane life, with a job in a shop that's just ended, a cat who has just died, and no relationships of which to speak.  When she decides there is nothing else to live for, she ends up at the Midnight Library, a library housing an infinite number of books, with each one containing a life she would have lived if she had just made one different choice.  Whether it is keeping or starting a new relationship, continuing her band, sticking with her swimming goals, or following a different career path, Nora has a chance to sample each life to see if it would be her life well-lived.

I'm rather sad I put this book off this long because it is truly a delightful read.  Who hasn't ever wondered, "What if I had ...?" and tried to guess where life would have taken them.  Nora has that opportunity in the novel as well as the ability to decide if the what-if lives are better than her current one.  It definitely makes you wonder if there is another life somewhere out there that you could have lived if just one choice had been a little bit different.  I'm definitely going to have to add the novel to my 2022 favorites list (I keep one each year for friends).