The Fallen Stones by Diana Marcum

Book club time again and we decided to pick another off of Amazon First Reads.  After a few months of library holds or hard-to-find titles, the fact we all have Prime makes it easier to pick a title we can all get on time.  Our February pick was The Fallen Stones by Diana Marcum, but we had to push our meeting until the first week of March.

This memoir by Marcum tells how she came to visit Belize, discovers the butterfly farm, and changes the trajectory of her life. It's hard to describe a memoir adequately, but this one truly was an enjoyable read.  We all loved Marcum's adventures in Belize and were amused by her descriptions of things like the housing.  The butterfly information was fascinating and left me wanting to know more about them

One definitive reaction?  We all want a trip to Belize once we can!