Egg Drop Dead by Viven Chien

I was in the mood for another light read.  Between the last several books and the two I'm currently reading for both my book clubs, I needed something a little more mind-candy.  So, back to my current cozy mystery series, The Noodle Shop Mysteries, and the fifth book in the series.

Lana Lee is back, and this time, the Ho-Lee Noodle House has expanded into catering.  Their current event? A house party for Donna Feng, the owner of the Asia Village plaza, and widow of Thomas (from book 1).  But any event involving Lana also involves a murder, and when Donna's nanny is found floating dead in the pool, the suspicion turns to her employer.  After finding a thumb drive of secrets from Donna's past, Lana and her friends have a new mystery on their hands.

Like the other Noodle Shop Mysteries, Egg Drop Dead is another fun, lighter read.  It's been great to see the characters develop and Lana take on more of a role in her family's shop which leads to the series continuing.  Once again, it's not a serious, make you think kind of read, but to break up more longer or more thought provoking reads? It's perfect.