Wonton Terror by Vivien Chien

After 11 more serious reads (whether longer or for my reading challenge), I decided I need a fun little mystery and used one of my free choice squares on the next in the Noodle Shop Mystery series.  If I pace these out, I'll have a few months before I have to find the next cozy mystery series for myself.

In Wonton Terror, Lana has been setting up for the new Asian Night Market, full of food, shopping, and entertainment.  Besides the Ho-Lee Noodle House, the festival has added food trucks, including Wonton on Wheels, run by old friends of Lana's family.  When the propane tank on Wonton on Wheels blows up at the end of the first night market, killing one of the owners, Lana becomes an amateur detective again.  Accompanied by her friend Peter, her roommate Megan, and her police detective boyfriend, Adam, Lana gets right into the mix of finding out who would want a food truck owner dead.

Wonton Terror is another great installment in the series.  It's fun, it's light, Lana's family is hilarious (especially now that her grandmother and aunt are in town).  It was just the book I needed to break up some of my other, more serious reads with.