The Paris Detective by James Patterson

Our library has a cool option where you can sign up for automatic holds on your favorite authors.  I do enjoy a lot of James Patterson's books, so I had checked his name on my list.  I mostly prefer his Alex Cross and Women's Murder Club series, so I was surprised when I got a notification on a new hold since I don't monitor his other publications as closely.

The Paris Detective seems like the potential beginning of a new series for Patterson, featuring a French detective, now a part of the NYPD.  The book reads as three shorter novellas, each one featuring Detective Luc Moncrief and building on his story.  

But, like many Patterson collaborations, it's lacking something that one finds in the Alex Cross/Women's Murder Club.  I've found, over the years, that the collaborations are hit or miss, depending on the co-author and topic.  This one is just kind of OK, there were definitely moments where it dragged and I began to wonder how long till I could finish.