Smoke Signal by Marie Benedict & Kate Quinn

Two audiobooks this soon into the new year is definitely a first for me.  However, after finding Marie Benedict's Agent 355 on Audible, I also discovered Smoke Signal by Benedict and Kate Quinn.  Like Agent 355, it was an Audible exclusive novella, so we download it as something to listen to on the way home from Vail.

In this novella, Osla Kendall, a codebreaker at Bletchley Park during World War 2, is fascinated with Agatha Christie's novels.  While reading N or M?, Osla notices a code within the pages and seeks out Agatha Christie to speak with her work based book club, leading to a friendship between the two women.

While I didn't mind the story, I think I would have preferred a full novel on the topic or at least the written novella.  The side characters were a bit harder to follow in audio form and I definitely had questions that didn't get answered.  Since I am a big fan of Marie Benedict, I am glad I listened, but I'm pretty sure I've exhausted my audiobook quota for the year already.