Murder Lo Mein by Vivien Chen

When I'm looking for a fun or light read, I tend to turn to cozy mysteries.  I love a fun little mystery, especially when there are multiples in a series.  

Typically, I like to start one series and read it all the way, splitting the books amidst other longer or more serious reads.  I found the second book in the Noodle Shop Mystery series at a library sale back in October.  I read the first chapter, then realized I should read book one first.  I read both of those in the later part of last year and was due for a fun read, so it was time for book three.

In Murder Lo Mein, Lana Lee is back, now managing her family's restaurant, the Ho-Lee Noodle House.  She and Chef Peter have entered the restaurant into Cleveland's Best Noodle competition, hoping to win.  But when a judge receives an odd fortune cookie, quoting the Art of War, and is later found murdered, there's something greater going on.  With the help of her best friend and her detective boyfriend, Lana need to unravel what is going on.

Honestly, I'm loving this series.  They're fun mysteries and the food always sounds amazing.  They're definitely a typical cozy mystery whodunnit, heavy on the twists and turns and light on the actual blood and gore.  I'm sure I'll be reading book four in another month or so.