A New Beginning ...

A new year seems a perfect time to start a new project, and I've always said I wanted to start a book blog one day.  

I mentioned it to my husband, along with the name I had considered using and already claimed on Instagram.  He bought me a domain, so here we go!

I'm a former social studies teacher, with a BA and MA in political science.  I've been married over 20 years and a mom of two kids, now 19 and 16.  We live in beautiful Colorado where we spent plenty of time skiing, hiking, and traveling.  

I've always been a huge reader, and with the kids both driving, I have a lot more time to sit down and enjoy a good book with a cup of tea.  I love historical fiction, mysteries, and contemporary women's fiction; I'm less fond of science fiction, fantasy, or dystopian materials.  I participate in a couple of book clubs, I'm on my local library board, and I love reading and reviewing books on NetGalley. My husband and I even have a friendly competition each year to see who reads the most books.  

Feel free to follow me on Goodreads or Instagram as I get this blog up and running with reviews, current reads, and old favorites.